About Us...

Samantha Walley founded Vital Balance Pilates for one simple reason: Passion -- for fitness, for life.

At Vital Balance Pilates, we're not interested in bulky muscles or bulging biceps. Our students develop long, strong bodies by strengthening the deep, muscular structure of the body through precise Pilates exercises. Concentrating on the breath to feed the movement, calmness promotes true strength and power. This approach is satisfying for both new students experimenting with fitness regimens as well as as the seasoned athlete.

This same unifying intent allows the rehabilitative nature of Pilates to be accessible for students with special needs. By training the body to work efficiently, the instructors at Vital Balance Pilates will help you improve your coordination and stamina, yet at the same time minimize the effort and tension within your body.

The studio hosts equipment designs from Peak Pilates and Mark Spenard.

Vital Balance Pilates instructors are fully trained on all apparatus with a rich comprehension of the Pilates system of movement. All our instructors have completed rigorous training from prestigious schools, such as The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado.

Our instructors teach the individuals before them. Whether a student takes private sessions or group mat classes, our instructors focus on each client's needs and work to assure each student that they can realize the benefits of Pilates.

Our staff

About Marlene Weiner...

Marlene grew up in the mid-west. She graduated from Indiana University, (she won't tell us when). After graduation Marlene moved to Chicago to pursue a career in advertising. After spending 10 years in Chicago, she took a chance and moved to Los Angeles.

Always the exercise enthusiast, Marlene took her first Pilates lesson and was immediately hooked. After years of developing her Pilates practice, Marlene decided to share her enthusiasm and passion for Pilates by becoming a certified instructor. Marlene studied at the Pilates Institute of Southern California.

About Maria Emmetti...

Maria grew up on the east coast, where she began her love of movement with dance.  After a long attempt of pursuing an acting/dancing career in NYC, studying at HB Studios and Strasberg for acting and Steps for dance she ventured out to California to chase more of the same.  Once in LA she added some college credits at SMC & UCLA extension in Psychology (a little shy of graduating).  Other things she added into her life were a husband and 3 children.

Having 3 children back to back put some strain on her spine where she began her next adventure at the chiropractor. This tired quickly; desperate she decided to try Pilates.   Being an enthusiast of movement this relationship was a fit immediately.  After 8 years of being a devotee to Pilates she enrolled in the Teacher Training Program with The Pilates Institute of Southern California (PISC), where she graduated in 2005.  She continues her Pilates education by attending Pilates seminars and workshops on a regular basis.

For Maria, life outside the Pilates studio is busy with a family that also loves movement.

About Misty Andersen...

Misty joined Vital Balance in May 2006.

Misty was raised in the mountains of Utah and Wyoming spending winters on the snow filled slopes of the Tetons.  As an avid snowboarder Misty took her first Pilates class and within weeks noticed a dramatic increase her flexibility and strength on the slopes.

Graduating from Utah State University with her BA in English Literature, Misty realized her passion for teaching in Korea and Southeast Asia.  Upon returning to the United States Misty was accepted to the teacher training program at The Pilates Center in Boulder, graduating in the fall of 2006 with over 900 hours of apprenticeship training

Misty's current interests lie in harmonizing the connection between the brains ability to control muscle movement and our habitual movement patterns that prevent this link.

About Jenna Restrepo...

Jenna grew up with fitness and teaching in her blood. Her father, Phil, remains active as a personal trainer in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Prior to graduating from Eastern Michigan University, Jenna furthered her interest in the healing powers of movement as an assistant at a physical therapy clinic. After graduation, Jenna moved to the Los Angeles area, received her teaching certificate, and taught High School in the inner city.

Spreading her wings, Jenna spent several years abroad in Prague and Barcelona. It was in Barcelona that Jenna took her first Pilates lesson, from a second generation teacher. After her second lesson, she decided to combine her love of fitness and passion for teaching to become a Pilates instructor.

Jenna completed her training at The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO. Jenna now makes her home in Redondo Beach at Vital Balance Pilates where she continues her passion for fitness and movement through spinning, running, rollerblading, yoga, and, Oh yes, Pilates.

About Ashley Walley...

Ashley is a native Californian with a fitness freak for a mother. She is currently a senior at Mira Costa High School, where she plays violin in the orchestra and jumps for the Track and Field Team.

When Ashley isn't in school she pursues her love of life playing soccer. When she has free time, Ashley helps us out at the front desk on the weekends.

About Nicole Marcione...

Nicole grew up in Southern California. She is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and has been in the health and wellness industry since 1994. Nicole specializes in customizing each massage to her client’s needs, whether they need specific deep tissue work due to an injury, or need to relax and unwind from a hard week. She also offers foot reflexology.

While living in Italy, she discovered Pilates and instantly fell in love with this incredible method of movement. This combined passion for bodywork and movement made her decide to become a certified Pilates instructor herself. As soon a she moved back to the US, she enrolled in the Stott Pilates Certification program. She has a focused interest on the benefits of Pilates for runners. Having finished 3 marathons, she is in a unique position to be able to help fellow runners stay injury-free by adding Pilates training to their regimen.

Nicole loves hiking, running, spinning and yoga. Traveling all over the world is another one of her passions. Making sure she experiences different massage techniques and Pilates lessons in as many countries as she can. She is always up for a new adventure. Her hope is to inspire others to be enthusiastic about bringing well-being into their own lives. Peace. Harmony. Laughter. Love

About Samantha Walley...

Samantha began her study of movement as a dancer, a teacher of young dancers and children with special needs.

Prior to becoming a certified Pilates instructor, Samantha earned an advanced degree in chemistry from the University of Illinois, as well as her ACE-certification in Personal Training and Group Exercise and was a private personal trainer to a select group of clients. As her passion for movement training grew, Samantha concluded her career as an aerospace engineer and dedicated herself exclusively to Pilates training.

Samantha earned her teaching certification at the renowned Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado and holds Gold Certification with the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). Today, Samantha continues her studies through yoga, Taekwondo and professional Pilates training (yes, instructors still take lessons!)

Samantha's varied roles have rendered a mature perspective on health and fitness, which enabled her to speak in the different voices needed to empower different students. Still, one thing remains constant - Samantha's desire to give her students the knowledge and skills they need to enjoy their own healthy and zestful life.