We now offer 55 and 85 minute sessions in Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Therapeutic massage which can be seasoned with reflexology or neuromuscular therapies.

Private Lesson
A private lesson focuses on the specific needs and goals of the student.

Semi-Private Class
Semi-private classes are ideal for students of similar ability who enjoy the fast pace of a group class and the intensive instruction of a private lesson.

Mat Class
Mat class is offered at a variety of levels. Beginner Mat is an excellent foundation for everyone.

Reformer Class
Reformer class requries knowledge of the repertoire. Students are evaluated for intermediate levels and higher.

Tower Class
A fun and invigorating workout utilizing a wall unit that incorporates the functionality of the Cadillac without the crossbars for hanging work.

Chair Class
Not for the faint of heart, the chair was orginially developed to take the place of the reformer in the home environment but quickly took on a personality of its own. Chair class emphasizes asymmetric work and upper body strength while demanding uniform support from the core muscles.

Jump Board
An exhilarating class that mixes invigorating pliometric jumping with reformer exercises.